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Alex Greer

Alex Greer

Alex Greer Dressage

Alex Greer is our resident dressage trainer at Alko Equestrian Center. She focuses on boutique dressage training, sales, and imports. Alex believes in building a strong foundation in a calm and rewarding environment. She works with horse and rider athletes of all ages and levels to help them reach their potential. After graduating from Cornell University in 2012, Alex trained in Wellington, Florida under the tutelage of internationally renowned coaches. It was there that she really fine-tuned her riding and training approach. Alex is currently focused on helping her clients achieve their goals and developing her newest addition for the small tour.

Guided by her motto, “Horses first, always,” Alex designs an individualized training approach for each horse and rider to support a harmonious partnership. She regularly incorporates cavaletti and hill work into her program for top performance and happy horses. Her clients range from Training Level to Prix St. Georges.

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